Fuck the Abuse of Perception

- Design vs. Art -

The basics are gone...

Thinking as a form is a prerequisite for the materialization of art, the further development, improvement and finally the deformation of our society. If art has not this kind of aspiration, then it is simply aesthetic pleasure...also know as design.

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If aesthetic reception and production value are significant components in art, it’s nothing more than pop music. Today crap can be passed as art because there is no generally understandable art term in the audience and there is a very blurry threshold of art and pseudo art on the basis of illiterateness and smoke screens that were caused on purpose. There is a value judgment vs. prestige judgment and a simple signature makes a different today of “what is art” (fuck this!) and pseudo-elevated ramblings over nonsense just to sell a commodity (instead of art).

It is not a matter of intelligence, it is a matter of compartmentalization that wants to be served!